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LTL Trucking Shipping
LTL Freight stands for Less-than-Load or Less-than-Truckload shipping. As the name implies, LTL freight is used to transport goods that don’t require an entire transport truck. LTL shipping is typically used by small businesses for sending freight or cargo weighing between 150 – 15,000 pounds.
Think of LTL shipping like rideshare for freight. Your cargo shares space in the trailer with other shippers’ cargo. This is called capacity sharing, and by using capacity sharing, shipping LTL freight reduces costs for shippers. The shipper is charged only for the space their cargo uses.
As long as the information you’ve provided is accurate, your LTL shipping rate and LTL freight quote should be very close. If the information you’ve provided varies greatly from the actual information, your freight rate will be higher because of the extra fees, such as reweighing, etc.

How Does LTL Freight Work?

In a normal full-truckload shipment, a driver will only make two stops: the origin and the destination. But because an LTL truck is carrying loads from multiple vendors, it has to stop off at multiple delivery locations. The arrangement of the truck will be optimized based in part on which shipments get delivered first on the driver’s route.

How soon can I receive a LTL shipping quote?

Depending on the correct information being submitted the first time in many cases you can have a LTL shipping quote within an hour or less. To make sure that you receive the most accurate LTL shipping quote please make sure you include the length of your shipment, the width of your shipment, the height of your shipment and also the weight. We will also need the pickup location along with the delivery location and any other pertinent information needed for pickup or delivery. If the load is going to be exposed please include whether or not the shipment needs to be tarped.

Type of equipment utilized for LTL shipping?

Because an LTL shipment can be anything from one single pallet of building product to a small machine we utilize a wide variety of trucks to move our customers LTL shipments. If your shipment either requires an enclosed trailer, airride suspension or even a lower trailer like a stepdeck it’s imperative that you share that information with us when submitting your LTL shipping quote.
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